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The brouhaha surrounding Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter and reopen it to free speech masks a deeper debate about the moral code underpinning our society
Calm down. It’s a book review, not a conspiracy theory.
The liberal international order that maximized peace and freedom is history. The new order accepts both the suspension of liberties under the guise of…
Look for my expanded thoughts on the end of the liberal international order later today or tomorrow.
Russia's incursion into Ukraine forces America to concede that its hegemony has ended. Canada's suppression of civil liberties forces America to concede…
Scott Atlas’s “A Plague on Our House” dovetails beautifully with both my earliest pieces of the Covid era and the broad themes I laid out in “The New…
Not the President we have, mind you. A caring, compassionate President eager to promote the interests and welfare of Americans.
Were Tuesday's off-year elections a message to Democrats or a message to activists?
Part I: The True Danger of Conspiracy-Theoretic Thinking.
Because something has to come between #2 and #4.
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